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Additional export options for Paper

New member | Level 2

I just started to use Dropbox's Paper feature, and is an amazing tool for editing articles.

I'm a blogger and I think this feature can be expanded with a publish feature that let you share your articles to facebook (instant articles), AMP or to embed the articles in websites. I think that this can be a great feature for dropbox, because I save all my files for my articles in this platform and the addition to edit articles with Dropbox Paper can help me to forget to use a CMS to publish my articles =D

Is it possible that you can consider this feature?

Thanks so much in advance!!
Nicolas Miranda

Current Status: Needs more votes

Hey @Nicolas M.1, welcome to our community! 

First, let me say that I'm glad to hear that you like Paper. I’ll gladly pass your feedback on to our Paper team, as they always are interested in hearing from users like you. 

Of course, I can’t say if this will be implemented, but I can say the it will make it to the right desk for review winking face
Nicolas M.1 New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2
Thanks so very much for the reply and share my feedback with the Dropbox team.

I will follow the improvements of Dropbox Paper winking face

Again, Thanks!!
Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Needs more votes