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Allow personal users to change default paper doc privacy

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I don't want all of my documents to be editable or accessible by anyone with a link by default. I would like a setting to allow me to restrict document access to invited people by default.


Hey there @tygern - sorry for the tardy response and thanks for using Paper!

Firstly note that newly created docs are private by default. Once you begin sharing the doc with others, you have the option of restricting sharing by disabling link access. Doing so means that only people you have invited can access your doc. 

  1. Click the blue Invite button at the top of your Paper doc.
  2. Click "Link settings"
  3. Toggle "Who can open this doc" setting to "Only people invited".
  4. Select whether those with the link can edit or only comment by default.
  5. Click the blue Done button.

To learn more about the permissions and how to set them, please visit this Help Center article.  

Having said that, as I understand that this is not exactly what you asked for, I've gone ahead and put your feature request on our list - thank you for this feedback!

Please let me know if you have any other feedback or questions. Oh and happy October! 

on-gheiler Level 2
Level 2

+1 for the feature request, people is lazy by default, and then all your documents are public by default as soon as you have the link. I find this feature really important, for me its just a huge security concern all files are public by default.

Also is it possible to have access to the feature request to see the progress or no progress of it?