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Approval button in dropbox paper

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Add an "approved" button to images and files added to a doc in dropbox paper, and be able to see who approved and denied. If someone changes their approval, show that it was still approved.

Way to export/save who approved a document.


Hey hey @Marissa-M!

The approval button in Paper and the description you provided for the use of it, really makes sense to me and I find it a great idea! 

I am truly happy to forward this feature request to our team. nerd face

Thanks so much!  

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Thank you Fiona grinning face

Keeping track of who approves documents is a big part of my job in a creative field, and I'm sure it would also be useful for operations departments and project planning and so on slightly smiling face

Lately I've been putting the files in dropbox paper and asking people to comment their approval, and taking screenshots. I also love that I can roll-back to previous versions if someone asks me to show them they approved something too.


I am constantly using the Doc history to restore on a previous version when I disagree with editions, I or the members of my Paper doc, have made.

It is a good way to remove something you do not approve! I could have offered this as a workaround/fix. So nice that you are using this already!

I can't thank you enough for letting us know how you currently work with your projects though Paper and even more cases where the approval button could be helpful.

Your approach gives us the full picture. 

grinning face with smiling eyes 

Thanks again @Marissa-M!