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Bulk change sharing settings

Explorer | Level 4

Please make it possible to change the sharing settings on all paper docs or on a folder by folder basis. Currently to change sharing settings on paper docs I must change them one by one.


Current Status: New


Hey there @bryanbarnard - thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas with us.

As we're always looking for our users' input when developing our future iterations, I'll make sure to pass your comments on to the relevant team for consideration. 

I'm specifically logging this as a feature requst for an option to change the sharing settings on your Paper docs and/or folders in bulk.

If there's anything else you'd like to add, please let me know!

Explorer | Level 4

Thanks Walter,


Appreciate you adding this as a feature request. In addition I would like an easy way to see across all my paper docs what the sharing settings currently are without having to click into each and every doc. I use paper for meeting minutes and some minutes I want to share and some I absolutely do not slightly smiling face