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Calculations in Paper tables please

Super User

Please please please give us the ability to do simple calculations in Paper tables.

Then we can stop using google docs spreadsheets.

Current Status: Looking into it

Explorer | Level 4

Being able to insert a spreadsheet or eventually have formula support on Tables, like Quip feature for example.


Paper is awesome, keep rocking. 

Explorer | Level 4


Helpful | Level 6

+1 On this!

Helpful | Level 6

Openoffice Writer and Libreoffice Writer have this ability in standard documents and this is very useful!


So very good to have, at least,  formulas for easy calculations in Dropbox: sum, count.


Popular example of table, that need sum formula:

| Bread  | 3 | $10 | $30 |
| Butter | 1 | $20 | $20 |
| Total  | 4 |  -  | $50 |



Hey Folks - @lukeyo & @Murz!

Great suggestion! I'm passing this along to the Paper's dev team ASAP as a feature request - it would definitely be a useful addition to our current features grinning face with smiling eyes

If there's anything else you'd like to add to this, feel free to comment here or as you know, share your ideas here upside-down face

Thanks so much for helping us improve Paper and have a lovely day ahead guys! 

Helpful | Level 5

It would be great to have the ability to simple sum functions within tables.

I use paper for reports to management on projects and use the tables for presenting costs etc. having to manually total things is frustrating and error prone.



Hey there @moseshewetson - thanks for using Paper!

That would be great - I can see how many of our users could benefit from such a functionality within tables in Paper docs so I am passing your comments along to the dev team for consideration.

Also, I don't know if you've heard about our relatively recent integration with Airtable - it might worth checking it out. 

In the meantime, should you have any other feedback, questions or suggestions, please let me know.

Cheers upside-down face

Explorer | Level 4

After using Paper Dropbox since the stat (and Hackpad previously) - I can say this is one of the most frequent features that I'd love to have. Ideally:

* Tables support formulae

* Formulae can cross-reference between tables


Hey there @elliotwoods - thank you for using Paper and adding your feedback on this.

Have you by any chance heard about our integration with   

I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for exactly; I sure hope this information helps to some extent though. 

Explorer | Level 4

Hi @Walter - yes we use Airtabe extensively here. I agree that it is worth suggesting to anybody who isn't aware of it.

I wish that Dropbox would hurry up and buy Airtable already!!


But note that it fails in these cases as an embeddable spreadsheet table:

1. It's messy to include (it's a fixed shape IFRAME with scrollbars)

2. It's not a general spreadsheet (columns can have formulae but cells can't) - This makes it especially bad for things like budget sketches

3. You can't edit the embed view (and currently it doesn't update automatically when somebody edits elsewhere)

4. It prints really badly (that's quite general in Airtable sadly unless you buy the top tier package and get blocks)


So although being able to embed them in Paper Dropbox is a fantastic addition, from my experience it resolves about 20% of the cases when you'd want to have a table with spreadsheet-like features inside Paper Dropbox.


I imagine inside Dropbox somebody's playing with a prototype of table-spreadsheet features right now, and is just trying to convince the rest of the team to go with it winking face

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