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Can I merge cells in a row in a table in PAPER? And additional formatting questions!!!

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Hi all, I am just starting to use PAPER (and loving it). I'm looking for some formatting tips that I can't find the answers for online.

For example:

I'd like to merge cells in a row in a table, is there a way to do that?

Can I customize the font sizes within a document?

Can I italicize and underline text? 

OK, many thanks, DEVILLES

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Hey DEVILLES, thanks for sharing your positive 📜 Paper-thoughts & questions with us, I’ll do my best to follow-up with you & we can keep this discussion going from there! 
#1. Can I customize the font sizes within a document?
Yes, Paper has three types of headers: H1, H2, and H3. On, you can add an H1 or H2 by using the formatting toolbar or the shortcuts listed below.
  • H1: Type # and press space, then type your header
  • H2: Type ## and press space, then type your header
  • H3: Type ### and press space, then continue typing (you can also add an H3 by highlighting and bolding an entire line of text)
You can also make H1 and H2 headers more bold by highlighting and bolding them as you would with any other text. On your phone or tablet, use the T icons to choose a header, or the B icon to bold your text.
#2. Can I italicize and underline text? 
Yes! For italics you may use the Ctrl+i Keyboard shortcut & for underlining, you may check Ctrl+u. 
(Tip: You can access all your Keyboard shortcuts inside a Paper doc on the bottom-right corner on the ⌨️ icon.)
#3. I'd like to merge cells in a row in a table, is there a way to do that?
This isn’t currently an available feature, though it would be an excellent idea 💡 & I’d happily pass your interest on to our higher-level technicians, since our dev team is actively working on adding more features on Paper. 
Again, thanks a lot for checking in with us on our Forum & please do let me know if you have more Paper-inquiries; it'll be a pleasure to continue this conversation. Happy Monday!  
Abbie Level 2
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Has the ability to merge cells in a table been added??

Irham Level 2
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+1, I'm planning to use Paper for my starup product management document slightly smiling face)

Keep it up Dropbox 💪🏻

Hey there (@Abbie) & (@Irham), while this feature isn’t currently available, I appreciate it that you took the time to share your interest on this functionality; I’ve noted all your comments on my report internally adding your voice to the feedback we’re gathering.
Please feel free to get back in touch on our Community if you have more thoughts or questions & it’ll be a pleasure to work with you again in the future. Until then, happy Paper-editing 📝 & I’m wishing you both a relaxed weekend ahead! 
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VarunB Level 2
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@Jane - I second my fellow users' thoughts. I've been using Paper the past month and really like it. Would love the addition of merged cells at the earliest. Thanks! 

Yaco Level 2
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+1 for cell merge. i'd like to set up group worksheets with empty fields, and tables are good for this, and being able to merge would allow to make them much more fine-tuned to layout needs.


👋 Hello again to all, thanks for pinging me back here! Since other users may be aligned with your raison d'être, I’ve moved your post to the Paper Ideas section💡, where they could upvote this thread & give it a bit more visibility!