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Can there be more heading options on Paper?

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Can the team add more `headings` support for `h3,h4,h5,h6`? I understand that level of nesting is usually overkill, but sometimes it's necessary. for complex documents and user guides.  


At least proper support for `h3` would do it. Right now it just seems to convert ### to *strong*, which is not useful for markdown export. I want headings to be treated differently than bolded items.

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Hey @aroy002,  

Thanks for getting in touch here with this request! upside-down face 

You may keep in mind that more formatting options on Paper is a popular feature request & it has already been passed on to the relevant team. On my end, I’ve made sure to pass your comments along as well, I appreciate your feedback!  

If you have further queries or requests, please feel free to get back in touch on the Dropbox Community, I'd be glad to follow-up.

Hope you have a great day ahead! 

Richardvd Level 2
Level 2

One year later and still no H3 Markdown export support... this sucks.
Any update on the development.. shouldnt be that much work to change.

I appreciate the time you took to detail us your interest on this functionality @Richardvd. I’ve already made sure to pass your comments on to our team specialists, as your thoughts help us better understand your needs & I’ve added your voice to the feedback gathered internally. 
Moreover, I’ve moved the entire discussion to the Paper Ideas💡section, so as to give it some more visibility & use it as a point of reference in case other users would like to upvote this feature implementation. 
Thanks for choosing Dropbox & I'm always here in case you’d like to continue this discussion in more depth. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day ahead! 
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Community Manager
Status changed to: Needs more votes