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Can we have a Kanban board in Paper?

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I use Dropbox paper for most of my documentation, and I like de feature where could assign a task to someone and use a checkbox to mark it as complete.

However, I find im missing some form "in progress" status. I have to keep team/personal activities in other tools.

So a suggestion is to either develop the table function a bit more so that you could use it as a simple kanban board and drag and drop "tasks" between lanes (columns). (I know you could use copy/paste but that works surprisingly bad..)
Another option is to connect to external tools specifically used for this via a plugin...


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Hello @minihansson

I understand you would like to have the ability to drag and drop tasks in tables and your timelines in Paper. Mixing all the Paper features to organize demanding projects. 

With Dropbox Paper you can create "to Do's", clicking the checked box in the bar of options you have when editing.  However, currently there is no way to mix your to Do's with any other Paper features. 

Thank you for adding up to this feature request! chart with upwards trend

Let us know if you have any other suggestions. 

Have a nice day!