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[Dropbox Paper: Feature Request] PLEASE create a native Mac application

59 Votes
Level 1

Please, please, please create a native mac application for Dropbox Paper that lets me view and access all my docs from some sort of sidebar navigation. Also, while you're at it, add offline support. This would make Dropbox Paper killer

A couple other questions:

- Are you planning on adding support for font colors?

- Are you planning on adding a linking functionality to allow linking to different parts in a document, or to a different document altogether? 

Mike C.50 Level 2
Level 2

Agreed RE please make a native Mac App for Dropbox paper, something that stores notes offline and make it quick to search and edit notes

Toby S.7
Level 1

Agreed! I would love love love love love love love love a mac app!

mpk20874 Level 2
Level 2

I use Evernote all day, every day and Paper seems like it would be a great (possibly better) alternative.  But I need a Mac version that can run offline (planes, client sites without internet access, etc.).

Jian Z.
Level 3

We can start from here:


But, an officially supported cross-platform client would be nice.

superquest Level 2
Level 2



I often end up with 6 or 7 tabs of Paper, and soon it's a whole browser window ... Wish it was just a separate app so I could CMD-TAB to switch between paper and other applications.

Level 5

No - this is the wrong approach.


Please make Paper use document standards (eg, Markdown or a variant), and let *me* dictate the tools I use for it offline. Make Paper documents appear in my Dropbox folder tree, not force me to have to use another system, and generate exports to get to my data.


I do not want *another* desktop application locking me into *another* proprietary system. 


Do not reinvent Microsoft Word, Badly. 

Super User
Super User


dazemx Level 2
Level 2

Pretty please.

RSlye Level 2
Level 2

Any updates to this request?  It has been some time.  Is it that the Dropbox team is so dismissive of the Mac users that you won't create an app like ALL your competitors?

Level 3

Competitive apps have Mac OS apps – Dropbox Paper needs to catch up.