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Dropbox Paper: Public link WITHOUT commenting and sharing

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We'd love to be able to share Paper docs with just a public link, for people to only view, without the option to comment and share; and - most importantly - without revealing who else is viewing the doc!


For example, we'd like to provide Paper docs to outside vendors and freelancers as requests for proposals. We're in the creative industry and being able to embed videos and images right into the doc would make it so much easier for everyone.


But, of course, we don't want the vendors to see who else has access to the doc and is participating in the pitch!


From what I understand there's no way to do this right now. So, please, is this a feature that could be added?

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Well, sadly, as there's been no response (and likely no effort to change this), we'll be moving over to Notion. Notion is great, but we'd prefer Paper as it's nicely integrated with the other Dropbox services. But we just can't ask clients or vendors to deal with the annoying and intrusive pop-ups and reminder bars they're experiencing when viewing documents as guests; or have everyone see who else is (or has been) viewing the document. 

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Public, but with realtime updates. Yes, that would be a great fearure if implemented.


This simple editor does provide such a link (of course not a Paper replacement):

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Yes.  I want to share health pages I create for my patients, but I can't share without revealing their email.  


A view only share option would be fantastic.  



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Community Manager
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Hey @Xelar - sorry for the delay. Did you try using Showcase?

LisaAltizer Level 2
Level 2

Yes - if Dropbox would move in this direction they would replace my need to use Word for any documentation.  I would also like to be able to embed my paper on other web based platforms such as Blackboard.

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Community Manager
Status changed to: Looking into it