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Dropbox Paper exports code without syntax highlighting

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I used Paper for a university project and listed my data base queries as SQL code. When exporting to pdf, the code wasn't highlighted in any point, which was weird because it worked perfectly on the regular interface. This happened in both Windows and Linux.

Hey @ghaetinger, while preserving the syntax highlighting on exported Paper docs isn’t currently an option, I appreciate the time you devoted to write us about it & I’d happily pass your interest to our Paper engineering team for future iterations. 
I’ve already made a note of your comments in my report internally & I’ve moved your thread under the “Paper Ideas” section, which is being closely monitored by our higher-level technicians. 
I hope that other users find this idea useful as well & they upvote this feature implementation. I'm wishing you the best of luck in your studies & it'll be a pleasure to work with you in the future if you'd like to share your thoughts or you have any questions;  feel free to drop us a line here & we'll check back with you soon. Thanks for choosing Dropbox & have a fruitful rest of your day ahead! 
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Community Manager
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