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Dropbox Paper need tree architecture

8 Votes
Level 6

Why does not the dropbox have a tree architecture?

It seems to me that this function is very powerful. This function instantly transform Dropbox Paper.


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alangou Level 2
Level 2

I agree. I love using Paper, but it's impossible to easily organize new documents. I'm sure you guys have the expertise to make a filesystem-like tree structure interface for data that's saved to the cloud winking face. It's my biggest gripe with the Paper, and it seems to be the immediate visceral reaction of anyone who I introduce it to, even if they like the editor interface.

Shailen S.
Level 4
This is absolutely a basic must-implement feature. As my number of notes are growing, it is getting harder to manage my notes. I need the Tree structure, just like the left side pane in Evernote.