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Dropbox paper typewriter scrolling

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I would like to be able to have the writing line fixed at the centre of the page so I don't have to constantly scroll down

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Peterson T.
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question: Are you able to access your doc right now? Seems I am having trouble getting onto Dropbox Paper. Fails to connect to the server. This terrifies me as I have been working on an important doc and have a deadline. I am kicking myself for not copying and pasting it into an other doc somewhere. This CANNOT happen. 

Is anyone else having this trouble?


Viraj S.1
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Hello Gabriele,

At the moment, Dropbox Paper is still in its beta phase. This means that the developers just want to ensure that the application is carrying out its intended functions. This typewriter mode is a good idea, but is more probable to be implemented in the future. But as of right now, you will only get the basic features.

Peterson, please stick to the topic of this thread.
Since you have another problem, please make another thread.
It is only fair to the creator of this discussion.
Gabriele C.
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Hello Viraj,

thank you for your answer. I know you are working on the basis features right now but I'm glad you think that's a good idea and I hope you will consider it in future. Dropbox  and Dropbox paper are working awesomely, (including support) so keep up the good work.

thanks again

kind regards


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