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Feature Request: Optimize how meeting notes are created for recurring meetings

Level 3

We have been looking at paper extensively as a replacement to Meetnotes and wisembly. I feel that paper is almost there but there are some bugs/features that we would like to be able to use it in our workflow. Maybe they exist and i just cannot see it.


1) Recurring meeting notes. 

I set  up a recurring daily meeting named "DB Test" and wrote some notes for the first meeting. Every recurring meeting seems to always use the original notes from the original meeting. This is a problem because this daily meeting might discus different things than the original and modifying the original is not an option as we would like to have that history. The solution should be easy. You should be able to create new agendas for recurring meetings but still have the old agendas/notes/etc linked to the recurring meeting so that previous notes/todos/shares will be there.


2) Tighter slack integration. 

People should be able to set reminders and get notified with some info like outstanding todos , new file shares, etc over slack.


We have 40 people on DB now and im pretty confident that if you guys did #1 alone we would bring the rest of the company onboard and that would mean 100 more licenses for a total of 140.

Level 4
The number one request I'd have for Dropbox Paper is also better handling of recurring meetings. Our team has been using Paper for several months and it's always frustrating that you land in the same Paper note from a previous meeting with the same name. The to-do feature is also great, and some integration with Trello would also be wonderful. As-is, we tend to ignore the to-do feature because it creates a new silo of work to be done.

Hey there @notjoe & @jkhaff,


First off, thanks for using Paper and helping us improve it! 


As we actively collect and track all feature requests to inform the ongoing development of Paper, I've gone ahead and added your requests for optimized meeting notes for recurring meetings and a better Slack integration to our list.


@jkhaff : I don't know if you've noticed it but there's an option to insert a Trello link into a Paper doc to add a card from the insert menu. Our new insert menu is now on the right side of the screen instead of the left, and appears when you select a blank line in a Paper doc.


Please let me know if you have any other feedback or questions and we'll take it from there.



Level 4
@Walt3R It is useful to add a Tello card to a Paper doc, but I was referring to the other way around—turn a to-do into a Trello card. Thanks for your quick reply!

Hey there @jkhaff -  how are you today?


I am writing to let you know that I will be passing this feature request to the team for you - thanks for the clarification!




bedej Level 2
Level 2


Any update on the problem of notes for recurring meetings? Current behavior we experience (same as notjoe originally describes above) is pretty broken.