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Feature request: Supports LaTeX AMSmath etc.

11 Votes
Level 6

AMSmath package is used very frequently.
For example, \boldsymbol is commonly used for bold italic vectors.


MathJax can use them.


drjacobs Level 2
Level 2

Seconded! This would be really helpful.

Nikolay N.
Level 6

+1. I really need this too

Gaussito Level 2
Level 2

Yes please!! Much needed

wooya Level 2
Level 2



It is a very wanting feature for us academic users.


Edited: Oh, I just realized this feature was implemented. Well done!

Nikolay N.
Level 6

Why is \boldsymbol{} still not working? I have other functions such as \mathbb{} working.

pt0ceanic Level 2
Level 2

I'm also curious why \boldsymbol{} is not working! This function is essential for those of us using the latex feature.

Level 5



You really need to ramp up the LaTeX Support in Paper.


What do we need (Things which exist in any decent MarkDown Editor + MathJadizzy face:

  • Inline Math Mode
    Using $...$ for Inline Math mode.
  • Display Math Mode
    Using $$...$$ for Display Math mode.
  • Support for AmsMath
    Add suppport for all the features of AmsMath.
    All of them are supported by MathJaX.

Really, those features exists in many simple MarkDown Editors (StackEdit, StackExchange Editor, HackMD, etc...).


It would be amazing to have them in Paper.

We, Studnets, really need those.


Thank You.

I second this. Dropbox, would you set this feature to a higher priority? This will make more influx to the Dropbox Paper community.

Tejas K.1
Level 6

I just found this, and would like to see this happen soon. I would like to add being able to [Shift]+[Enter] to make a new line within the math environment.

Tejas K.1
Level 6

Bump. This has 11 votes, 9 comments, and has a blind eye from the dropbox devs. Nuff said.