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Filter to limit searches to current doc

Helpful | Level 5

Would like for the search functionality to have a few options:

  • Limit to the current doc as mentioned in a previous post 
    • On top of the above show occurrences in line. An example would be if I search a hashtag the search tells me that the item appears in my document. It would be great if it could in essence FILTER all occurrences of that search parameter

Hope that makes sense. Devs if you have used workflowy or dynalist. The way that search with a doc using hashtags would be a killer feature. 

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Current Status: Needs more votes


Hey there @Nicknick43 - thanks for using Paper!

We collect and track all feedback requests to inform the ongoing development of Paper so I've put your request for advanced search options on our list too. 

Let me know if you have any other feedback or questions. 


Status changed to: Needs more votes

This idea is going to need a bit more support.

We've updated the status to encourage more users to back you up!

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