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Font/Highlight Color in Paper

Level 3

Was wondering if there is any plan to change font color or highlight colors in Paper?


One suggestion from my simple mind - 

-  How about changing the color of the highlight to red if there is a (-) and green when there is a  (+)





rainawang Level 2
Level 2

Are you planning on adding support for changing font size and color?

alxjspalma Level 2
Level 2

That would be great, even with limitations.

mleach Level 2
Level 2

+1 - this is a deal breaker for me.


Hey all - thanks for your input on this - much appreciated!

 As the ability to change font size and colors would indeed be awesome to have integrated to Paper, I am passing all of your thoughts and ideas to our Paper team specialists as a feature request.

If there's anything else I can do from my end to help, please let me know. Cheers!

alxjspalma Level 2
Level 2

Thank you WalteR!

IDottedLineI Level 2
Level 2

It would be a win to have those options! Needed!

Level 3
I would like this as well. My example use case is below: I am a small business owner and I use Dropbox Paper to create documents and share them with my clients. I may need to create a proposal for the client, and I'd like to draw special attention to certain items: I do this with bolding, however, it does not have quite enough difference with the surrounding text, so I'd like to be able to increase the size as well. This way it will be harder for the client to miss the important points, and I don't have to rely on a single style to format my document (numbered or bulleted lists).
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That would definitely be a good idea. Dropbox paper looks great but as I am discovering it, I realise it is limited in some ways compared to other similair word processing apps (although it probably has different benefits). I hope this will be improved soon!


Hello there @ujnips - how are you today?

This is already under our radar as I've mentioned here.

Nevertheless, as we do like to collect and track all the feedback requests to inform the ongoing development of Paper, I've gone ahead and put your request on our list too.  

Let me know if you have any other feedback or questions. Have a good one! 

I use Dropbox Paper on a daily basis and I could really benefit from being able to change font color. The app is great, thank you!