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I have some feedback about Paper. What do you think?

Level 2

Hi all,

Currently the line width is defined to 84 characters, which might be way to narrow if for example multi-layered lists are used.

Could you please add the option for a 'wide layout', that definves significantly wider lines?

Optimally, in this mode the user chooses when to break lines, and if the line is wider than the screen then a horizontal scroll-bar appears.

Thanks for the great tool!

AlexKaz Level 2
Level 2

Hi All,

It seems that there is no way to place a checkbox inside a list, escecially needed for nested lists of tasks (see example below).

The desired behavior:

======= Example:   =============

My jobs for today:

* [x] first big job
    * [x] subpart 1
    * [x] subpart 2
    * [ ] subpart 3 - skipped for now...
* [ ] second job...



Moreover, sometimes I would like to put few checkboxes in one sentance:

===== Example: =======

Points discussed: [x] first point, [x] second point, [ ] third point




Hey there Alex - thanks for using Paper and providing us with those awesome ideas winking face

As our dev team aims to collect and track all feedback requests to inform the ongoing development of Paper, I've gone ahead and put your requests for a wide layout view when viewing your Paper docs on the website and for additional options within checklists such as tasks (to-dos) and so on, on our list - thanks so much for your valuable input on this. 

Feel free to let us know if you have any more feedback or questions.

PS: I've merged and moved your threads under one place to keep things neat around our Community - I hope you don't mind. Also note that I've moved it here so other users can find your feature requests and upvote them too!

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Needs more votes