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Insert photo in a table

Level 5

Is it possible to insert a photo into a table?

Hey @pean42
Photos can be inserted into Paper docs, but currently they can’t be inserted into tables. That’s a great idea though! I’ll make sure to let our Paper team know about it. 
Level 5
Thanks for your reply. It would be helpful if we could insert photos into tables.
dkusche Level 2
Level 2

This would be a great feature like in google sheets Any idea if this will become a feature anytime soon?

Hey @dkusche, welcome to our community! 

I can’t comment on future releases of our services, but I can add your comments to my feedback list winking face
Have a great weekend! 
Level 3

We are using dropbox paper for our documentation.

Adding pictures into table would clean them up a lot!


With the actual approach the layout is really bad.

It would be nice to put these screenshots in the right column for the process step

See example:

2018-03-01 13_02_46-Use Nagstamon on your laptop – Dropbox Paper.png

joelbqz Level 2
Level 2

Any update on this? slightly smiling face

Level 4

This would be incredibly helpful! We use tables for our weekly agenda, and it is a real inconvenience not being able to add images into the "notes" column.

alliefleming Level 2
Level 2

Happy to find this forum so quickly. Sad to see this is not yet a functionality within Dropbox. slightly frowning face