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Inserting Dropbox Spaces folder in Dropbox Paper

Collaborator | Level 8

It could be awesome if we could insert spaces folder in Dropbox Paper. Not only simple folder but with all information and comments from Dropbox Spaces.

Current Status: Needs more votes

Status changed to: New

Hey @zonaarchi

Thanks for posting your idea. Please let us know more about this. 

How can adding a Dropbox space to Paper could help with your workflow? 

You can currently add a shared link to the folder in a Paper doc. How would adding a Dropbox Space to a Paper doc show? Tell us how you imagine this to look like. 

Looking forward to all the details. 

Thanks so much for your time on this! grinning face with smiling eyes

Status changed to: Needs more votes
Hey peeps, this idea is going to need a bit more support before we share your suggestion with our team. 
We’ve updated the status to encourage more users to back you up! slightly smiling face
Explorer | Level 3

Ifind it excellent advanced thread really excited so much more readable thanks for Agree 👍 


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