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Integration from email/Links to sections in Tables/client comments/copying rich text

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I have been using Dropbox Business and Dropbox Paper for a while now to make notes, so now I have notes on projects, notes on productivity, notes on all kinds of stuff. It’s great and has many features I really like, and we share it within our little design studio.

I’m trying to create a productivity system where I can get all of these notes and To-Do’s out of my email, but Dropbox Paper isn’t one of the connections I can use. I can send an email to Dropbox or Trello or Asana (usually to a specific area in them) but if I want to send it to Dropbox paper, I can’t.  It would be really great to be able to do this. For the time being I’m going to have to use Apple’s Notes or get Evernote or something like that, and Todoist. I currently have notes all over the place and I need to get them all into one place so I know where to look, and have just one To-Do list, all connectable from my email.

The other thing I was trying to do was have my ‘To Do’ List in Dropbox paper. I need to have notes about most of my To-Do’s, so I had set it up in a DBP page with a table - each row had the project, notes, due dates, etc, then I could drag them up and down based on what I wanted to do first. But I can’t create links to a section in a table using a header like I can in the regular text, so if I have a ‘quick list’ at the top, I can’t link to that section in my table. I do sometimes make a project page for a To-Do if I have enough stuff to warrant a whole page, and that’s easy to link, but often it’s just a line or two. It would be great to be able to link to a section of the table. I love that I can drag the rows around, though.

A third thing is that we often copy text from a DBP page into websites we’re working on, mostly Wordpress. When we do this and forget to put it though a text app and change it from rich text, we get a lot of extra code that has to be edited in HTML. I wonder if there’s a way to cut it as regular text first so that doesn’t happen. 

I would also like to be able to use it as a proofing mechanism for our clients - I love how I can bring in images and make notes, and they can comment on them. But I’m having trouble getting my clients to use this system because they don’t like having to make an account and log in to see the page and comment, so they are wanting to use a different system like SharePoint or Slack. I am never quite sure whether they’ll be able to see it, so I’ve been using the ‘share page’ with the link rather than sending it via email, which seems to work but it would be nice to just right click on share in my finder and know that they’ll be able to see it without having to log in, create accounts, etc. I know this has to do with security and maybe it’s not possible. 

I’d love to be able to use it as my main system and have everything all in one place rather than using multiple apps.

Thanks for giving us an opportunity to give our ideas. I know Paper is a work in progress and more features will likely be added. It’s getting better and better all the time.


Current Status: Needs more votes


Hello @TiltCreative

Happy to read through this request. As you mentioned, Paper is indeed a work in progress and our developers are always happy to add more ideas to their list of feature request. 

Explaining how you are working in Paper like you did here, is exactly what we need to understand what we can add to make your work in Dropbox Paper better.

Can't thank you enough for taking the time to post to our Community. 

Providing your use case was extremely helpful. We are here to report more of your nice ideas. Feel free to share anything else!

Thank you. grinning face with smiling eyes

Status changed to: Needs more votes

I am changing the status here, to let our users know they can upvote this idea to promote it to our team. slightly smiling face chart with upwards trend

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