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Mark checkbox "removed" or "shouldn't be done"

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Is it possible to mark checkbox as that task is removed, something like strikethrough with x in the checkbox? I think that this would be very useful because when you go back to check what you have done before you can get a much better idea what is actually done and what wasn't necessary to be done.

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Hey skakunm, thanks for giving me the opportunity to talk about Paper Tasks, there have been some recent minor changes & I’d happily discuss it with you here! 
Please note that you can now access all your Tasks on: (though will also do the trick), where you can see all your Things to do By Date & By Doc & you can also Filter as below: image_preview.png


From there, you can organize & manage your Tasks when they’re completed (eg. get rid of the ones that are overdue or check back on unassigned ones &c.). Once done, we’ll let you know of your progress, so that you can start afresh:PaperToDo_preview.png


Moving forward, we might also be of a bit assistance reminding you of your next project:
Screenshot 2018-08-09 at 8.38.26 PM_preview.png


I understand how this functionality ❎ would benefit you though & I’d happily pass your interest on to our higher-level technicians, since our dev team is actively working on adding more features on Paper. 
Again, thanks a lot for checking in with us on our Forum, I appreciate the time you devoted to share your thoughts with us here & I hope you enjoy the rest of your day! 
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Great, thanks for sharing this with me, and I really hope that this feature idea will be accepted in some form.

Also congratulations for creating such a great tool. It is a real balance of minimalistic/lightweight and feature-rich tool, just what we need.

Happy to hear that you’re enjoying the feature skakunm!
You may keep in mind that I’ve moved your thread under the “Share an Idea” section on our Community, since it’s being monitored by our team specialists & your contribution is taken into consideration for future feature implementation. 
I hope that other users find this idea useful too & they upvote your comment here. Of course, I’d also like to invite you to let us know in our Forum in case you have additional Paper-queries. Happy sharing & a wonderful weekend ahead! 
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