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Paper Desktop App and Offline Access

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Level 2

I love Paper but I'm dying for a desktop app, even if it's just a webview in a native wrapper. This would go along way towards helping stay focused given the 50 tabs I usually have open for work. I've tried various hacks for launching a website as an app but none of them work properly.

I also would love offline access to edit & save docs.

Moreso than adding new embeds and content types, I feel these changes could go a long way towards supporting writers and creators who are often working and planning from laptops, whereas mobile is for saving files and quick edits or notes.

Super User II
Super User II

I think quite a few people would love to see this as well!

LizUNC07 Level 2
Level 2

I know I'd love a desktop app too!  I already struggle to manage all of the tabs I constantly have open for research.  This is a major drawback for me, but I absolutely love dropbox and want to figure out how to utilize this.  

I agree. So many loyal dropbox users have raised this. Can't understand why dropbox is not addressing this.