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Paper Task Management

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I'm using Paper to manage multiple ToDo / Task lists across a large construction project. It works great and has been readily accepted by everyone, they understand it and love the simple clean interface. To date all other collaboration attempts have failed due to complexity/ functionality etc. 
I've created a Master Index document with links to all the others and in this document I have a link 'Your Tasks' which uses to take the user to a list of all tasks assigned to them across multiple documents. This works well but for me it would be much better if Tasks was a menu item in the sidebar, alongside recents, docs, favourites. 
Presently there doesn't seem to be a way of finding / listing your tasks on the mobile app, is this planned? 
Finally what would be really great is the ability to list all tasks by person either across a project or perhaps that you have created.
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Appologies this post has appears 3 times. It didn't appear at 1st so I tried a couple more times. Lesson learned.

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Super User II
No worries. I removed your duplicate posts, and I'm moving this thread over to the Share an Idea section.
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I guess this is under development already. PUSH!
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I just started testing Paper and I was super confused that there's no easy way to find all the tasks. I'm glad I found the link to via this suggestion.


I agree that there should just be a button or a link in the sidebar that takes you to the tasks. I also agree that the app needs this function (haven't testet the app yet).

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Is there a way to just show all open tasks?At present I can only see those assigned tasks. 

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Same issue here. I'm trying to run our operations through paper and it's great for collaboration but when I'm trying to review other peoples assigned tasks, it's getting tricky.


Also, always seems to default to sorting by date created rather than ascending by due date (my preferred view), it would be great to be able to change this.


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This is implemented, but there is no indication of the fact.

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Community Manager
Status changed to: Looking into it