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Paper docs tree of folders

Level 5
We started to use a paper for our team wiki, but when you have several categories and lots of docs/permitions, its hard to orient in data layers. Tree of it will be great 👍
Guys from made a good job on that, but they are to expensive for us at the moment.
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Level 6

I just quit Dropbox just because of this very issue.


Notion is awesome.

marcin-js Level 2
Level 2

Paper is so much better than Confluence.

But there is just one thing because of which I have to stick with Confluence.

It is lack of this feature :(


Please add folder and document tree view!

Keyur S.1 Level 2
Level 2

please consider adding this feature.  having a sidebar of folders / hierarchy would be so helpful. It's easy to forget which sections / pages exist and this would be so useful.


Level 3

The dev team needs to implement this feature! right now I feel like my notes are all over the place. I try to make folders to keep everything organized, but the current design just feels very inefficient.