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Paper features upcoming?

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New to the boards, tried to find an answer to this or maybe an on going suggestions thread? Came up nada. So, if I am daft & missed it, please, point me to the better place & feel free to delete or close this.... or whatever the lingo is.

I just discovered Paper with the whole "YAY! YOU GET MORE SPACE!" like Dropbox thinks it's Oprah giving out cars (not complaining, love the space, would love a car as well). Overall, it works really well for what I want to use it for (which is basically to flip off OneNote & use Paper for writing & be able to jump around my devices doing so). My only wishes are.... 

Font colours? Font sizes? That thingie that you click that shows you keyboard shortcuts? Could that be clickable as well? As I am an idiot with a Mac but a PC keyboard, so I don't have the drunk square (command) key. But my keyboard cglows like a rainbow, so all in all, fair trade for the frustration. That's really it. I mean Paper is lovely otherwise (GIFS WORK IN IT, oh my stars...), images magically align & it's all ordered & neat & tidy. I mean, GOODNESS. Just.... please let me make something a different colour? Not highlight it a different colour. I'll even give up wanting font sizes if I can just colour them. Please? I'd say also a small descriptor of what the document is that goes under the title in the folder (like Gmail kinda?) so when someone else looks in the folder, they know which document is the "one with all the descriptions of terms, phrases, etc" with out it being titled that, because it's just titles "Lexicon" but some people are a bit thick. But hey man, I will give that up to for font colours. Please let me burn some retinas (not really, I just use colour coding & the highlighting yeesh). 

Ok, that's.... all. It's probably not but it's like 2 am & I can already tell I'm not coherant. So, let's not make it worse. 

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Hey there @houseofydell - welcome to our Community and thanks for posting your thoughts and ideas here; it's most appreciated.

Our developers are always looking for ways to improve Paper, so I'll make sure your comments are passed along to them.

Specifically, I'm logging this as a feature request for additional font sizes and colors on Paper.

I'll also let them know about your idea in regards to a short description of Paper docs - thank you for this feedback. 

Let me know if you'd like to add or ask anything else in the meantime; I'll be glad to follow up.

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Walter, my hero. Thank you for taking the time to read my 2am wishes & dreams for Paper (god, I love it) so that I can continue using it to write & one day, maybe, not occasionally look at it & pout & think "You are so near perfection...." but then continue on because it's still near perfection & I will live with highlighting (even if it makes me cry a little). 

So thank you for passing it along & more so, decyphering what I even meant in the first place. You are a champion. Please also let your developers know, they too, are champions & I love Paper. Give them all raises, also yourself. If you don't have that authority, please know, I'd buy you all a coffee if I could. 

I'll let you know if I think of anything else as I go along.