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Paper tasks sync with calendar apps

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I find Dropbox Paper quite useful. We're already using it in our office and already see benefits.


However, we're missing a feature. We would like to have possibility to sync tasks defined in paper documents with some calendar apps. It would serve as a daily reminder of tasks that have to be done, and after they are marked as finished in an app, ther status should be updated in relevant Paper document.


I thought that Google Calendar sync had that possibility, but as I discovered it only allows Dropbox Paper to import meeting schedule.



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Current Status: Not for right now

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I have been using paper for my ADHD, and would love some task itergration for remiders

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We are just evaluating paper and syncing tasks would be a great addition for us as we live in google calendar.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Not for right now
Thanks for your idea! 
This is not something the team are looking into right now.
However, we regularly re-evaluate ideas and will update you if anything changes!