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Password protect Paper app

Level 2

Why is there no way to password protect the Dropbox Paper mobil app? I mean are you kidding me? I really wanted to use this app to keep passwords so I could go from desktop to mobil and quickly look up a password or some other secret document but to my surprise, after initially setting up DB Paper, it opens right up to my save secret document. the Dropbox app has a 4-digit password, how freaking hard would it be to put that in the Paper app?

1 Comment
Hey @espee2, I appreciate the time you took to detail us your interest on this additional functionality. I’ve already made sure to pass your comments on to our team specialists, as your thoughts help us better understand your needs. Since we value your feedback, I’ve made sure to give this thread a bit more visibility by moving to the Paper Ideas section. 
Please let me know if you have more questions or you need further assistance in any way; it’ll be a a pleasure to follow-up with you. Thanks!