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Paste an image in Dropbox Paper

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On iOS, risn't now if you copy an image from a website or another app and try to paste it into paper, it gives you a text box saying "User uploaded image:", instead of the actual image.


This feels like a bug. Almost every other rich content editing apps allow pasting an image, google docs, Apple mail, messages, etc, even desktop browser version of Dropbox Paper supports that correctly.


This problem is quite anoting since now you can't quickly add an image you find on a website or something you draw with another sketching app (sometimes sketching an image or diagram is important). A workaround is to save the image to camera roll and then insert the image from camera roll in Paper, but (1) inserting image is a 2 step process where you have to choose between take a photo vs from library, (and sometimes 3 steps since you have to choose a folder from photo library); (2) having to save a temporary image into photos clutters your photo library (and probably also your google photos library if you have auto upload there) since these are just temp images meant to be embedded into notes but not for photo libraries.


Current Status: Delivered


Hey there @bao - I sincerely apologize for the tardy response, are you still having issues with this? 


jennyfamular New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

Hi!I'm struggling with this also. Is there a fix for it? 

Hey peeps, good news! 
This feature is now available in Paper, where you can display an image by simply copy-and-pasting it from the web. You can read more on file previews in Paper in this article
Hope this helps to some extent! grinning face with smiling eyes
Status changed to: Delivered

This idea has been delivered! 

You can find out more about this here.