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Saving Paper docs to existing Dropbox folder structure/file-system.

New member | Level 1


A number of us have started using dropbox paper at work. We want to save documents that we create in paper to an existing Team folder but I can't see how to do this. Any ideas anyone?

Current Status: Accepted

eviLbasse New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

Just tried Paper first time today, pretty cool function and rather needed from a competitive view.

Rather quickly though, I realized that I would have wanted to have the Paper directly connected to a shared/specific folder, and preferably even as a "visible document" in that actual folder. Perhaps I missed something, because I couldn't find any way to connect the two. Paper seemed to have only it's own set of folders, separated from the original ones.


My humble two cents and a cup of tea.


David J.54
Helpful | Level 5

The folder system in paper is very cumbersome. 


It would be great if paper docs could be shared and organized like regular files in dropbox.


Sure you can create .webloc files and organize them within your file system, but i'd love it if the Paper folder system showed up as regular files and folders within Dropbox so I could modify, create new folders and move the files around easily. 


- Dave

David J.54
Helpful | Level 5

I just posted the same comment above before reading this. I agree completely. 


A temporary work around is to create .webloc files and organize them through that. 


Not great but works if you have alot of paper docs. 

Super User II
Super User II
Steve M.45 New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

Paper really does need a linking function for folders or individual files.  Even something clustered together in a special application folder would be helpful.


I am a heavy Evernote users and this would be similar to the attachments Evernote supports, only provide would also have direct access to the linked folder / document in addition to via the note.

Mike K.31
Helpful | Level 6

It'd be so useful if we could open/edit/preview Dropbox-specific files (that are document or PDF files) automatically in Dropbox Paper when we click to open it from Dropbox! I think it'd be a step closer to making Dropbox into a collaborative productivity suite!

Explorer | Level 4

Any news?


Intended use:

Encrypt notes with boxcryptor and edit notes with paper locally on multiple platforms.


Brian N.13 New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

Paper is a beautiful application. Compliments to the UI folks. However, without the ability to store Paper files in my Dropbox folders, it is unfortunately of little value to me.

Roger B.4 New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

I support this - it must integrate with my Dropbox folders to be of any value in live projects


Robfyntjie New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2


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