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Saving Paper docs to existing Dropbox folder structure/file-system.

New member | Level 1


A number of us have started using dropbox paper at work. We want to save documents that we create in paper to an existing Team folder but I can't see how to do this. Any ideas anyone?

Current Status: New

Hi Sam, since Paper docs aren’t actually files of their own, given that they have no filetype and don’t sync to a machine, currently it’s not possible to place them in the normal Dropbox structure.
We are looking into ways to integrate Dropbox and Dropbox Paper together, though there is no timeframe as of yet, so I’ll add your voice to this request!
sam22 New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

it's about the organization. I want the same folder structure to manage everything. docs and other files. I'm totally ok with editing the document in the cloud and not being able to work on it outside of the browser or offline, it's just having a link or a way to find it in the same structure. maintaining two folder structures is terrible.

singler New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2


I agree! We really need this. It makes a lot of sense - not sure why it wouldn't have been have introduced when paper docs were released. 

ESS88 New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

Please add me to the list of dropbox customers that see the need to have paper contained within the dropbox folder system.  Otherwise, I don't see a realistic use case for paper. As others have mentioned, you would gain functionality similar to google drive if you added this feature.  If not, paper will not receive significant uptake in use in my opinion as it is a rather pointless non-compatible product. Thanks

JenniferM1 New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

Add me to this request to consolidate Paper into the folder structure!

reyjojo176 New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

@mikaeljagelid wrote:

Coming from a Google Apps for Business environment, I'm used to create new documents within the folder structure.

I see that Dropbox allows me to create new Office files within a folder but not a new Paper doc. Is there a good reason why? I would like to have my team use Paper for notes, plans and other text-heavy documents instead of the bloated Word, but it's hard if the Paper option is perceived as less simple. Just the option to create a new Paper doc and place a link to that document in the Dropbox folder would do just fine.

1. Can I create a Paper doc (or link to a Paper doc) from within a Dropbox Folder?

2. If not, why?

3. What are best practices to work with Paper with a Dropbox folder structure?





Bob R.4
Helpful | Level 6

I think the ability to integrate or link Dropbox Paper documents and Dropbox would be extremely valuable. While I udnerstand the "syncing" issue as the stumbling block, perhaps it would be possible to create a hyperlink or an allias (which would be link masquerading as a physical Paper document, ala Mac OS) that could be put in a dropbox folder and then when clicked the user would be taken to the dropbox paper document residing in(on) Dropbox Paper.

Bob R.4
Helpful | Level 6

An experiment.

I opened a Dropbox Paper Doc and copied the share link.

I then created a text file on my desktop and pasted the link into the text file.

I saved the text file as a PDF and placed it in a Dropbox folder.

When I open the PDF on my desktop and click the link it takes me right to the Paper document, HOWEVER if I open the PDF in dropbox in my browser and click on the link I get a 404 error.

I think I am onto something here in my efforts to link Dropbox paper and dropbox. But I'd love to know why the link will work from the PDF opened on my desktop but not when it's opened in Dropbox online.

I know it's a few more steps that I'd like but it does achieve the desired result (in part)


Helpful | Level 5

Would love to see this functionality -- there's little chance of wisespread adoption of Paper across my client base until there intergation with the normal Dropbox folder structure.

If the only road block is local sync then Google has resolved this 100% with with Docs, Sheets, Slides for example.

Bob R.4
Helpful | Level 6

If you can allow for the several step process, the scenario I tested works much like creating an alias in Mac OS.

Open a Dropbox Paper Doc and copy the "share link". 
Create a text file and paste the link into the text file. (make sure the link resides on one line without a line break or it will affect the hyperlink.
Save the text file as a PDF and place it in a Dropbox folder. 
Open the PDF, click on the hyperlink and it opens the paper doc. 
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