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Selected Character Count

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I really need the "word count" feature to include an option to see the character count of the selected text. Currently, there's counts for total words, selected words, total characters, and even emojis, but nothing for the number of characters that you have selected. Screenshot_2018-11-26 Stockroom Product Copy New Products from – Dropbox Paper.png



The specific reason I need this is that I do a lot of copywriting of product descriptions that have specific character counts -- not word counts. For instance, one of my clients' text fields has a limit of 170 characters. I can do this on Google Docs, but I much prefer the general cleanliness and ease of use of Paper.


1 Comment

Hey there @Xopher - sorry for the tardy response; how are you today?

I can understand how useful this option would be for our users and as we collect and track all feedback requests to inform the ongoing development of Paper, I've put your request on our list. 

Please let me know if you have any other feedback or questions.