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Slack integration to support Dropbox paper

New member | Level 1

Hey it would be really great if there was a better integration betweeen slack and dropbox paper. Like being able to paste a link to a paper doc and a preview be pulled into slack, just like with normal dropbox documents.

Current Status: Delivered


Hi George

I saw your feedback and relayed it to the team! Thanks for sharing slightly smiling face

Charles F.17 New member | Level 1
New member | Level 1

First, Paper needs its own Slack-like (or Quip-like) chat channels/rooms to discuss content in a way that is searchable. Then Paper could allow integration to get a specific/relevant Slack channel show up in Paper (or Twitter account). 

Paper lacks a user page with dashboard summarizing document owned, edits, comments, etc.

Collaborator | Level 8

While I see where you're coming from I humbly express my views that one of the major things that attracted me to Paper in the first place is that it lacked exactly what you're talking about.

Just sharing my viewpoint that some people, such as me, over the years have come to truly loathe feature bloat. I'm exhausted just looking at software that has more switches, buttons, and options than there are in the space shuttle lol.

Why should DB spend all that time and money creating their own chat channels/rooms when anyone that uses Paper can just use Slack or Quip along with Paper anyways?

One of the biggest backlashes Evernote has had was introducing "work chat" (or whatever they call it) in their service. Instead of focusing on making the best note taking service suddenly many Evernote users were drowning in constant interruptions from others using "work chat". 

That's one of the reasons I haven't upgraded my Evernote desktop or mobile app - I've avoided bothering with their "new and improved" productivity feature - work chat. I don't have to complain and wait for them to remove or disable a feature that royally upsets me - I simply don't upgrade and keep everything that works for me now - working lol.


Helpful | Level 6

Any feedback on the idea of paper integration with slack?

Charles H.10 New member | Level 1
New member | Level 1

The "Posts" feature Slack updated last september seems to be trying to do a lot of things that Dropbox Paper tries to do. At this point, I think Dropbox is doing a much better job, but that Posts thing does look enticing.

Maybe y'all should collab?

MichaelGlass New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

I don't want a rich integration, but rather, when I paste in a doc link, i'd love for the preview to be relevant and not be the standard, irrelevent "Dropbox Paper: Grow bigger ideas" promotional copy


@MichaelGlass, we've just launched a Paper integration with Slack that includes detailed previews for links pasted in Slack!


Read all about it here:

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Delivered

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