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View full resolution images (make them clickable) in a published document.

Helpful | Level 5

When you publish a document you are no longer can see big images. Make images zoomable/clickable to see their full resolution. For ex. I've just realized that the link to the published doc that I've been sending to the potential employers contains only small thumbnails/low-res images instead of full resolution images... that was an epic fail for me.

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Current Status: Needs more votes


Hey there @Alexander_V - sorry for the late reply and thanks sharing your feedback.

Our dev team are always looking for user input when creating the next versions of our apps and services so I will make sure your comments are passed along to the Paper's dev team. 

Specifically, I'm logging this as a feature request for the ability to view, click on and zoom into the full resolution images that are embedded within your Paper docs when in 'Presentation' mode. 

Let me know if you have anything else to add! 

Status changed to: Needs more votes
If this idea gets more votes, we can share the suggestion with our team. 
Changing the status here to encourage users to vote for it. 
Helpful | Level 5

Hi @Fiona I think evaluation of this particular idea via voting here will not give you the result you'd expect because there is a statistical error here:

1. Only part of your user base uses paper continuously.

2. Only part of Paper users use "publish" in their workflow.

3. Only part of #1 and #2 cohorts discovered that the images behavior is inconsistent between paper doc and published paper doc. Because author user spends 99.9% of time editing the document where you CAN view full size images by clicking it.

4. The viewer user of the document has no chance in determining that this image behaviour was not intended by the author user. Because he can not know if that image have a bigger then presented size. So we can count out viewing users too.

5. Only a small part of users looks through the forum and are proactive.

 As the result we will have a very small percent of your user base who ARE VALID to tell their opinion on that idea. So I think even 3 votes(looked through other posts) should be enough to take that hypothesis to your UX team... It's strange that such a professional product team can make such statistical mistake lol.

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