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Webpage clipping on Dropbox Paper?

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Is there any plans to add webpage clipping to Dropbox Paper? I believe it's the most importante missing feature. I'm using it for some days and i really love the straighfoward funcionality and the focus on the content.


The addition of webpage clipping (specially with the option for some kind of readability mode) will certain made the app even more incredible.




Current Status: Needs more votes

Hey DiegoBRRSPF, 
Thanks for using Paper! 
I’m currently not aware of plans to include web page clipping in upcoming releases, as our team has not made any final decisions on the road map. 
We are continually working on adding features to Paper, and suggestions from users like you are invaluable to making these decisions. I’m sending your comments on to the team so that they’re aware. 
Thank you so much for your feedback slightly smiling face
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I agree with this! I think that web clipping functionality would make Dropbox Paper perfect!

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For me it would be the step to change from evernote. And the concatenations of documents (notes in evernote).

John J.40
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This is the last thing that's keeping me from completely migrating to Dropbox Paper from Evernote. 

Hey guys (@MikeyK, @acerezo, @John J.40), 
I have added your comments to the feedback concerning web clipping, and Paper’s functionality. 

Thanks for posting! 
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Important for us too!
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I am looking to migrate to Dropbox Paper from Evernote. I use and love the Dropbox storage application; however, I am just looking into getting started with paper.


As such, I have a quick question, is there any way to achieve something similar to the "Clip to Evernote" feature? Essentially, I want to be able to easily "embed" a web document/article into a document on Dropbox, not just link to it. That is, I want to be able to view the article without having to leave Dropbox. I know there is a way to do so with services such as GitHub or Youtube videos, but what about any arbitary webpage?



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How can you miss clipping as a feature for a tool touted to aid collaboration??

Steve D.11
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For what it's worth, I've had good results copy/pasting text and images from web pages into a new dropbox paper document. (It does well with pasted markdown too.)

The Paper API is pretty primitive, but it looks like it has enough functionality for a third party to implement a clipper. So if Dropbox doesn't write it, somebody else still can. (There is an API endpoint to create a document from HTML. A clipper would prepare the html from a web page and post it to the API.)

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Thanks Steve!