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What's the point of adding an event to paper?

Explorer | Level 3

I added a google calendar event to a paper doc, but what's the point? I can't click on the event to open it in calendar. I can't see the paper doc from the event in google calendar. I can't import info from the event.

Is it leterally nothing more than a textual reference to the event and shortcut to share the paper with the event attendees? Am I missing something?

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Hello @acboydston

Welcome to Dropbox Community!

The purpose of integrating your calendar with Dropbox is mainly to give Paper access to your email address, basic profile information, and contacts.

You can link your project Paper doc directly to the meeting event, actually even multiple events to a doc or one doc to multiple events. upside-down face Then you also get the option to create meeting notes!

To link a calendar event to a Paper doc, you must connect a calendar to your Paper account first.  Here are the steps for all dicsussed above:

Let me know if this worked for you and if you were aware of all the options mentioned in this article.

As for any further actions that you would like to perform with your calendar and Paper, your feedback is always welcome here. 

Get back to me with all your thoughts. 

Thank you!


Explorer | Level 3

Hi @fiona, thanks so much for your reply. Yes, I have reviewed all the instructions and options and I have linked paper docs to events and made meeting notes, etc.

My question is what does linking meeting notes to an event actually do? What additional functionality does linking create? Am I supposed to be able to access the meeting notes from the event in google calendar? If I link the paper doc to multiple events will all the evets have a link to the paper doc?

It seems that the only thing linking does is make it easy to invite all the event attendees to the paper doc. That is nice, though underwhelming. At the very least, clicking the event should open it in calendar and the calendar event should have a link back to the paper doc... after all that is—universally—what "linking" means! slightly smiling face

Btw, my email, profile, and company contacts are already available in dropbox.


Thank you for your feedback. 

I understand you want more than what your calendar can do with Dropbox Paper at this point. It is great to know additional info for what you need from your Paper and calendar for your workflow. I reported your feedback. 

At the time, linking the two gives you the ability to add the attendees easily and create meeting notes straight from Paper. 

I am sure there are a lot more to come for Dropbox Paper. Our team loves it so keep an eye out for future additional features! winking face

Explorer | Level 3

Thanks, Fiona. But, again, I would press the point that if the notes in paper are not accessible from the meeting event in google calendar, I find it a little spurious to call them "meeting notes" in the context of being linked to the event. It implies a functional connection between the meeting notes and the meeting event. As is (apart from easily sharing with the event attendees) the "link" in paper is little more than a textual reference to the event (since you cant click on it or anything). I guess what I am saying is the language used strongly implies more functionality than exists.

Anyway, maybe it's just really early and the functionality will catch up with the language. Thanks for listening!


Thanks for sharing @acboydston

We don't (yet at least) have a way for you to see Dropbox files in this third party interface as you correctly mentioned. This is a feature request for us and for the third party as well. This is very helpful and I greatly appreciate your input. Our Paper devs will review it. 

Moving your thread to the Paper ideas section. 

Thanks so much. 

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