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February contest: Post your Paper workflow to win a Dropbox t-shirt and tote bag! (Powerd by Dropbox Paper)

Level 2

Create a public writing space (community) based on Drobox Paper, where everyone can contribute to, edit and comment on eachother. Suggested name (

Let´s use movie scripts as an example. Content is high in demand and deadlines are short. Some times an author sits locked up in a cabin and writes for a year. This is the opposite of that. The goal is high speed colaboration by a large number of contributors. A crazy but not all together horrible idea. 


A carzy and chaotic workflow towards a common goal. Who knows what comes out at the other end. 

A lot of scripts are shelved, because its in the mind of one person who for a number of reasons is unable to complete the process. A platform like this could evolve into works of art created by a vast collective interconnected web of minds from all over. 

It would be a great day for Dropbox, the day a collaboration like this is nominated for best screenplay and we will have to re-consider the creative writing process. 


Consider if standard community hierachies should be abolished

Its vunerable to trolling and abuse: Should there be moderators with more power than others, to help keep things on track?

Someone could delete the whole ting, just for fun: Should there be version history? Should you always have acess to what you wrote, even if it is deleted for the greater good of the project? Should there some sort of voting system to keep things in or out? 


Figure out how to share the glory (if any)

If something presentable comes out at the other end, would there be a way to share the intulectual property rights between the contributors? Whats sort of agreement would you have to tick before spending endless hours writing in this space? If a script is sold to a producer, how will the wealth be distributed amongst the contributors? Is there a clever way to track the multiple levels of involvement?

How to find a relevant project for me?

Let say this thing takes flight and there is a myriad of scripts and ideas out there. Maybe one could use "the heat system" to portray how popular and active a doc is. 

Example: Spark: A couple of people are working on it. Pyre: Hundreds of people are working on it. Inferno: Thousands of people are working on it. Ambers: It was active before, but its quiet theese days. 

The way forward

I have lots of thoughs about how to spin this, but I´ll stop here for now and see if this thing gains momentum. 




1 Comment

Hello there and thanks for using Paper Phil! 

I personally love this idea but I won't be able to comment any further as this would fall outside our scope of expertise - sounds like an amazing project you could probably initiate by using Paper (and some additional integrations perhaps?) on your own!

In any case, I'll keep an eye out on this one and follow up with any updates from my end when/if possible.