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Find and Replace Function

I cannot seem to find a 'Find and Replace' function or shortcut in Dropbox Paper...
updated by: Dropboxer Walter yesterday
7 14
Dropbox Staff Reply Community Expert Reply

Add a way to tag or categorize files

I'm really loving paper and currently using it for a project where a lot of the ...
updated by: Level 4 Jeramyware Tuesday
1 2
Community Expert Reply

Text Justify

As a great tool for writing and organizing contente, Dropbox Paper needs urgentl...
updated by: Dropboxer Walter Monday
1 8
Dropbox Staff Reply

Can there be more heading options on Paper?

Hello,   Can the team add more `headings` support for `h3,h4,h5,h6`? I understan...
updated by: Dropboxer Jane Monday
0 3
Dropbox Staff Reply

Reminder date and push notifications

Description of problem:hey my name is Daniel and I really like dropbox paper, bu...
updated by: Dropboxer Walter Friday
0 1
Dropbox Staff Reply

Apple Pencil and Paper

If you were to add Apple Pencil support to dropbox paper it would become my only...
updated by: Dropboxer Walter a week ago
0 1
Dropbox Staff Reply

Uploading Personal Profile Picture/Avatar & Signature Issue for New Users

After "running around" dropbox paper, trying to find out about how to upload my ...
updated by: Dropboxer Walter a week ago
1 1
Dropbox Staff Reply

Enable linking to comment threads

Sometimes we discuss things as a team which leads to changes in the document. I ...
updated by: Dropboxer Walter a week ago
6 2
Dropbox Staff Reply

Editable links

Once you convert text to a link it's no longer editable. Clicking the link sim...
updated by: Dropboxer Walter a week ago
2 1
Dropbox Staff Reply

What about "Replace Word Function" and "Dark Mode"

What about "Replace Word Function"?I can't type Guillemet.Authors who need quota...
updated by: Level 2 FILM_TECHNICIAN a week ago
3 8
Dropbox Staff Reply
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