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offline mode for Dropbox Paper web

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Will Dropbox Paper for web consider support offline mode just like google docs in the future?

Hey Martin1024, thanks for posting this idea on our Dropbox Community! 
I’ve moved our post here Martin, as our Share an Idea section is monitored by our higher-level technicians for future feature implementation. Hopefully other users will upvote it & it will get some more attention. pushpin
At the moment, the Paper iphone apps for iOS and Android allows you to continue getting work done without an internet connection, though I’d happily pass your interest for this option to be made available for our website, too.
Please don’t hesitate to get back in touch at any time in case you have more questions or you’d like to open up a Paper discussion. Happy sharing & I’m wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead! 
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This is a critical feature. Not being able to work offline on my laptop is a killer. When I'm traveling (which is a lot), I often don't have a reliable internet connection or simply don't want to pay $15 for crappy wifi on an airplane. 


I've used Paper for years, dating back to 2013 when it was Hackpad. I love the service and have gotten dozens of people to use it. But the lack of offline mode has me seriously considering switching to Evernote or Quip.