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Camera Uploads Not Working

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Re: Camera Uploads Not Working

Hi guys, 


I totally agree with Safarihead. Ridiculous!!! I bought an extended 1TB account over a year ago or more, because I take a massive amount of images due to work needs. And I did not have to move pictures manually every time I had a busy camera day or week FOR BUSINESS. And then another person part of my business would actually go through and clean up the gallery. I upgraded to business about a month ago and only recently realized my pics did not upload. I went numerous times through my phone, wondering why my settings changed, thinking that I have done something wrong. Only now 1 month later, do I realize that I was forced to create a new personal account!!!

Now my new personal account is full with 2GB after a week, and now I have to actually manually move my WORK pics to the business account, which I pay for me and 2 of my employees. 

I am cancelling it again. What is more, I trusted the seemless DB upload. Now it has become awkward. Not happy!

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Re: Camera Uploads Not Working

This no solution. This is making life more difficult. Because the private account has only 2GB!!!!