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Camera pictures are not imported in Dropbox anymore on any of my computers

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Re: Files no longer imported from SD card connected to PC into Camera Uploads

same problem, i need this for work! Dropbox please fix!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Camera Uploads

The photos are not uploading from my digital card to my Camera Uploads folder like they used to (I use a card reader and just plug it into my work computer to download the photos). I use a Windows computer at work, and my personal computer is a MacBook Air. In an attempt to get try to get things working again, I uninstalled Dropbox from my work computer, and then reinstalled it. It hasn't quite fixed the problem, but my photos are arriving in Dropbox once again, except my new photos now show up as "recent files" on my Windows computer and don't appear in the Camera Uploads folder at all. I've likely done something in my tinkering around to get things to work again to effect things. The images do show up on my iPhone and Dropbox appears to be working fine on my MacBook Air. Under Dropbox preferences on my Windows computer, under Camera Uploads, it's set to enable camera uploads for photos and videos.
I'm running Dropbox version 30.4 23 and I've only used 4.7 percent of available Dropbox space.
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Re: Camera Uploads

Out of interest guys a new stable build has just been released: 32.4.21.


Could you try upgrading to that version and see if it helps? As no change logs are listed we cannot see what is and isnt fixed within the build, but, its worth a try!


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Re: Camera Uploads

I have 32.4.21 installed and I have the same issue. It was working great for me last week but no longer works when I insert my SD card into my laptop. Pictures from phone working fine. However, I use my camera daily as a home inspector and this really  is upsetting me and slowing me down. I've checked and double checked my autoplay settings and even have opened my computer, right clicked on the SD card and opened with autoplay and NOTHING! 

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Re: Camera Uploads

Desktop app upgraded to 32.4.21 today but the problem persists.

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Re: Camera Uploads

Hi all

Thanks for reporting this. A member of our team have found the following article that explains how to change the connection options:

Would you mind testing it and letting me know if it solves this issue?

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Re: Camera Uploads

Tried 32.4.21, but still the same.

Tried beta 33.3.14 and that didn't work either.


I've tried on iphones and ipad. 

Autoplay works with other software.

I'm using windows 10 and it was working mid July as that is when I last backed up my photos, but I can't say which version this was.

With changing the conneciton type, I don't think there is an option for that on the iphone/ipad.



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Re: Camera Uploads

I have the same issue. Currently 31.4.25 and windows 10 pro. Auto play does not work my iphone and ipad. Hope there is a fix for this soon.

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Re: Camera Uploads

I have Version 31.4.21 of Dropbox on my laptop running windows 10 64 bit and autoplay for importing photos with drop box does not work, but if I select auto-play for One Drive or standard windows picture import those do work.
I have Version 3.4.25 of Dropbox on my desktop machine running windows 10 pro 64 bit and that version also does NOT work with Dropbox import but auto-play works with every other software on my desktop machine including one drive, picasa, windows photo gallery. Something most definitely went wrong. Unfortunately, when things are working so well, I don't pay attention to version numbers so I can't report what version did work but I know it was working on August 1st.

Re: Camera pictures are not imported in Dropbox anymore on any of my computers

We’ve identified an issue that is preventing Camera Uploads from working on certain versions of Dropbox.

This issue impacts version 31 and later of the desktop client running on Windows.


We’re working on a fix which will be deployed in a new version of the application soon.


This new version containing the fix should be automatically installed on affected computers, but a restart of Dropbox may be necessary after the update takes place. Once the restart is complete, your camera uploads will resume and any pictures not synced will upload.


We’ll update this thread again once the issue is fully resolved.

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