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Can I have my photos display on my monitor from the website?

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Hi all, I have a paid for 1TB account which I use to store personal photos and videos of my family going back 10 years and more. I keep the same files on a local drive at home and have always used that local drive as the source for the Win10 screensaver which displays random photos 24/7 on a monitor in my living room. Unsurprisingly after being on constantly for about 6 years the local drive recently failed and it got me thinking why can't I just point the Windows screensaver to my in the cloud Dropbox account rather than a local drive. It seems this just can't be done. Am I correct? Do Dropbox have any plans to make this a feature? Can anybody offer an alternative before I begin to download 600gb from my account onto a new local drive? Many Thanks, Ian.

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Re: Can I have my photos display on my monitor from the website?

Hey there, @IanScaz
Since the website doesn’t have a setting/option that allows you to present your photos like a screensaver, this is something that can be done from a local drive, as you have done so far. Nonetheless, I’d be more than happy to pass your comments along to the dev team for future consideration. 
If you have any other thoughts you’d like to share, don’t hesitate to give us a shout. In the meantime, have a wonderful week ahead! grinning face with smiling eyes

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Can I have my photos display on my monitor from the website?
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