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Can't upload photos via the desktop app

when I plug my phone in to my desk top to upload my photos I am getting a dropbox message saying that it can't upload my photos because my phone is locked. In what way is my phone locked?? It is talking to the computer as it has just synced to itunes.

I took the dropbox app off my phone as it cost me $60 in extra data usage because it randomly uploaded/ downloaded a stack of my photos after I updated the app and I was no where near wifi when this happened. I have not needed the app to upload in the past and my husband's phone was able to upload his photos this week without any dropbox app.

Can anyone explain what "locked phone" means please?

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Re: camera uploads

Hi Melanie, the message you are seeing is generated by Apple to keep your information safe. Basically, your device needs to be told to “Trust" the computer you are plugging into before Dropbox will be able to read any information from that device.
Follow these steps that Apple recommends to make sure that your device is trusted by your computer:
  • Plug your device into your computer
  • Your computer will report that your device is locked
  • On your mobile device, you should see a message that asks if you'd like to trust the computer that you are plugged into
  • Tap “Trust" on your mobile device
We’ve found that it can take several attempts before the mobile device will fully register that you trust the computer, so you may need to try the steps above more than once.
After your device registers that the computer is trusted, you should be able to use Dropbox to download your photos.
Hope this helps!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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Level 2

Re: camera uploads

thanks Jay, yes that has come up before but not these last couple of days?? just keep trying I suppose!

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