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Creating an album from folder

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Creating an album from folder

Is it possible that my beloved dropbox has currently the worst possible way of creating big albums? I want to create an album from a lot of pictures in one directory. Documentation states I must click each photo and add it one by one to album. Is this a real life?
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Re: Creating an album from folder

Hey @mtadmk


Welcome to the Dropbox Community! 


It should be easy to share your photos with your friends or colleagues. In fact, my colleague, Karina, has previously posted on the matter here, though I'm here to follow-up if you'd like more details about it. 


Secondly, you may keep in mind that, with the changes implemented to the Photos page, we no longer support albums starting June 30th & you may have a look at: about it, though we're here to suggest alternatives. Please let me know how you'd like to share your pictures & I'll try to do my best to help you accomplish that.  


I'll be awaiting your next reply here! 


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