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Jamie saved days of time by storing video production files in Dropbox



Meet Jamie, Head of Post Production on a Video Production team. This is Jamie’s story…
What brought us to Dropbox
We had no way to share files easily, but needed to share files in the office between our machines, to our home machines or portable devices, and with clients and freelancers. We would spend days sending drives, or uploading zip files. It made versioning problematic.
How we use Dropbox
Setting up shared folders has been revolutionary. We can have one for clients, one for freelancers, and above all we can keep files on cloud or local depending on the machine.
For every video production we set up a folder with a series of sub folders. Different users then choose which of those are cloud based or local. For film shoots an entire project can upload to Dropbox servers overnight. This means our decade old worry of keeping footage secure and off-site is solved with a simple drag and drop. The footage is distributed to key sites automatically for each freelancer to work on. The footage is in our master folder, which is then referenced by editors, motion graphics artists and composers. It’s all seamless and secure.
Tips for the community:
  • Undeleting has been a savior. Going online to past projects to unearth a crucial file has saved my skin a few times!
  • Comments and collaboration are so handy if a client is viewing on the go.
  • No matter how big your files are Dropbox seems to Hoover them up. No more FTP or file sharing websites!
  • Keep as much as you can in Dropbox. It’s the safest place for your work.
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