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Upload to DB shows jpg's that weren't in original folder

I've been uploading old folders and files from an old laptop and tried two ways to see which might be faster... first I  used a jump drive and that was fine... but I thought I might make better use of DB and when I checked to see if a folder uploaded properly... not only were the original pics there but additional pics that didn't show up in the original folder on my laptop... since when does more data show up on an upload?... How can I tell what's goin on...? I sure am happy about seeing these missing pics and can only wonder how many more folders DB will surprise me with...

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Re: Upload to DB shows jpg's that weren't in original folder


Funny what you mention @EmLivingston212 - could it be that you're seeing files that had a "hidden" attribute attached to them on your computer's OS? Also, how are you uploading them in the first place? Are you using the website or the desktop application? 

First thing that popped into my head is that the files you are seeing being added are "resource forks" or "extended attributes" (xattrs) which are hidden additional information that are part of the file but can't normally be seen. 

Please note, while Dropbox is generally able to sync these file types across all computers and on our website as you noticed, there are some situations in which these additional attribute files may be generated by either Dropbox or a computer to retain this information in situations where the file system on the computer does not support the extended attributes.  

In general, these supported file systems are NTFS for Windows, HFS for Mac and on Linux a file system with xattrs support. If you are not running a default file system, you may want to check if your file system supports xattrs. 

When a file with a specific type of extended attribute is synced to a computer that is unable to support writing extended attributes, such as filesystems like (FAT32) which is common for flash or USB drives, then a separate extended attribute file is generated by Dropbox to retain this information on the device. These files could generally appear as files with :com.dropbox.attributes attached to the name, and would then be synced to and shared with other users if this is part of a shared folder.

If a file with unsupported attributes is added to a computer's Dropbox folder from a networked drive, dual boot configuration, or external drive with a different file system than that of your main drive's file system (this is your case I think based on the information you provided), the OS on your computer may generate these extended attribute files. This would happen as your computer's file system is unable to retain these attributes as part of the file. These files are in turn synced to as well exactly as you saw happening. 

You can read more about xattrs here:

For information about supported attributes and file systems please check the details for your specific OS.

Apologies for the lengthy response and please let me know if I got it right. If not, please provide as much information as possible so I can have a better understanding of the matter at hand and, in turn, send you the most appropriate information. 


Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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Re: Upload to DB shows jpg's that weren't in original folder

Walter thank you for your effort... forgive my delay... My reply didn’t post the first time I sent it... I’ve been trying to move as many files as I wish to keep before my computer quites on me again...
I’m still trying to sort out your explanation but I think I understand the
basic ideas... I also was informed that some of these files may have been
suspected of having attached virus and quarantined but managed to show up
when I uploaded them in DB on the computer... Possible? Anyway so far so good...
using the DB folder on my PC is uploading smoothly and quickly to DB on other devices... I’m learning a lot
and protecting a lot of files I wasn’t sure I’d ever see again! Thanks
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Upload to DB shows jpg's that weren't in original folder
2 Replies
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