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Photos and videos

Photos and videos

Pictures…videos… Learn everything about storing and sharing media in Dropbox.
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Why does Camera Upload also sync photos which I have already deleted?

I use an iPhone and the photos in question are in the trash. And yet camera uplo...
updated by: Level 2 jubei 3 hours ago
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Shared dropbox won't allow member to open files

Good Evening,I have shared a dropbox with several members and one is unable to o...
updated by: Dropboxer Jay 6 hours ago
0 3
Dropbox Staff Reply

Unable to add a new contact to already existing folder

Unable to add a new contact to share an already existing folder with photos.  I ...
updated by: Dropboxer Lusil 13 hours ago
0 1
Dropbox Staff Reply

Automatic camera uploads

I'm trying to transfer about 75 pictures from my iPhone to Dropbox. I opened the...
updated by: Level 2 Cyndie J. 13 hours ago
0 2
Dropbox Staff Reply

iPhone photo backup and business dropbox

Hey all,Apperantly I'm on a business dropbox. A few months back, when I was stil...
updated by: Dropboxer Walter 19 hours ago
0 3
Dropbox Staff Reply Community Expert Reply

cannot figure out how to add photos to a folder

Hi. I haven't added photos to Dropbox in a while. I don't remember it being diff...
updated by: Dropboxer Jay yesterday
0 1
Dropbox Staff Reply

how to change or select a thumbnail on video files

I am sending video files through Dropbox.  Can I change or select the thumbnail ...
updated by: Level 2 reeltime yesterday
0 6
Dropbox Staff Reply Community Expert Reply

I'm having trouble deleting photos from my account

I have googled for how to delete photos in Dropbox, but the answer that comes ba...
updated by: Level 4 lilbeedee yesterday
0 9
Community Expert Reply

Does deleting a photo from iphone also delete from Dropbox?

Is it correct that if I delete a photo from my iphon (and it has already uploade...
updated by: Dropboxer Jay Monday
0 1
Dropbox Staff Reply

How do I download pictures to my computer?

How do I download the pictures I have in Dropbox to my personal computer?
updated by: Level 6 PeterN1 Monday
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