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iPhone6 only intermittently opens Camera Uploads when plugged in to desktop

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...and secondly, when it DOES finally open automatically (like, the next time i try plugging it in), it still doesn't show that group of pictures taken on my phone in between the last two plug ins. So, how do i get the pictures moved to Camera Uploads that were skipped in the last plug in?

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Re: iPhone6 only intermittently opens Camera Uploads when plugged in to desktop

Hey @jtad, that’s an odd behavior. It would be worth noting that if you apply a filter after the original has been uploaded, you will then need to upload the filtered photo manually to your Camera Uploads folder. Can you see if this applies on what you've experienced? 
Following, some RAW files may not upload with camera uploads & you could learn more about approved image file formats on the iOS Developer page
If this persists for you, please let me know the details in regards to the photos that are causing you trouble & I’ll make sure to reach back out to you on my end. Thanks for taking the time to check back on how my hints work for you & I’ll be awaiting your next update!


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Re: iPhone6 only intermittently opens Camera Uploads when plugged in to desktop

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Thanks for the quick response! No filters were applied. This happens often, but MOST of the time when i plug my phone into my Mac desktop computer, Camera Uploads automatically opens and away it goes automatically uploading all the latest shots and videos, let's say that i shot on Monday. But, when it doesn't open automatically, none of the shots taken since the last successful automatic upload are uploaded. For instance, i shoot a few more shots on Tuesday. Plug my phone into computer. Nothing happens, i.e., no automatic opening of Camera Uploads. Bummer! On Wednesday i shoot a few more shots, plug it in...voila! Camera Uploads opens, but then it will only upload what was shot on Wednesday...NOT Tuesday also, apparently it thinks it uploaded that last batch when it did not. 

SO, when the above happens (which happened this morning with a 115 shots from the past few days), is there a way to finally get those shots over to my computer? iPhotos and Photos doesn't see them either, acting the same as the Camera Uploads folder.

So, that's where i am. In the meantime, on my phone i've selected all the shots that didn't go to Camera Uploads and am emailing them to myself. 

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iPhone6 only intermittently opens Camera Uploads when plugged in to desktop
2 Replies
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