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transferring pictures out of Drop Box

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transferring pictures out of Drop Box

HI. I'm a novice with this stuff. when I plug my Nikon Coolpix camera into the computer to transfer pictures, they automatically go to Drop Box, but I want them ultimately in shutterfly where my family pictures are normally. It is such a struggle! Anyone know a clear, easy way to move photos from Dop Box to shutterfly? Walk me through it? thanks.

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Re: transferring pictures out of Drop Box

Hi @lcarson, welcome to our forum! 
I don’t know of any way to get your photos from your online Dropbox over to Shutterfly directly, and we certainly don’t provide any way of doing this. 
However, it sounds like your current setup with your Coolpix is saving your photos in Dropbox automatically, which would mean that you also have them in your local Dropbox folder on your computer. If this is indeed the case, you could simply upload these photos from this folder to Shutterfly. Then, if you no longer want to keep your photos in Dropbox, you can delete them. 
I hope this helps shed some light on this whole thing for you slightly smiling face

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