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uploading videos from iphone 7

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I have had the upload automatically with my photos and videos from my phone and am now noticing that not all of my (1800) videos have not uploaded to dropbox. Can I tell dropbox (on my device) to do this again and get the whole lot? 

Also, is it possible to upload other things from iphone such as "notes" to dropbox?

And lastly, how do I get an accurate count as to how many photos and videos have successfully uploaded? 

*note, I'm not able to back up to the cloud and am using dropbox to store all of my photos and videos...the number is staggering, over 19K photos and 2K videos.*

THANKS in advance! 

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Re: uploading videos from iphone 7


Hey there @jessre23 - how are you today?

Could you please tell me if you're using the desktop app to import your iPhone's photos and videos via our camera uploads feature or just the Dropbox mobile app? 

Can you also ensure you're running our most recent version of the app on your devices while also making sure there are no pending updates for your devices' OS(es)? 

Our most recent builds are 64.4.107 for the desktop app and 124.2 for iOS devices. 

If you’re seeing an issue with camera uploads on your mobile device, please reply with answers to the following questions:
1. What exactly is the issue you’re seeing?
2. When did this start happening?
3. Does this issue affect all photos and videos, or only some? If only some, can you provide file names for a few of the affected files?
4. Are you seeing duplicate files by any chance? If yes, how many?
5. Is the Dropbox app crashing? If yes, what’s the last thing you do in the app before it crashes?
6. Do you have another app that backs up or edits your photos? If so, what’s the name of this app?
7. Can you include a screenshot of the “Photos” tab in the Dropbox app? (please note: this is the "Photos" tab, not a folder called 'Photos')
8. Can you ensure that camera uploads is enabled? (On iOS devices, this can be found by going to the "Recents" tab, tapping the gear icon, navigating down to "Camera Uploads" and toggling it on.)
9. Can you include a screenshot of the camera uploads settings in the Dropbox app? On iOS, tap the “Recents” tab, tap the gear icon, and then scroll to “Camera Uploads.”

[If you do not see the gear icon on this main page, first click on the icon on the bottom right of the app that says “Account”, “Personal” or your Dropbox Business name. You should see the gear icon on this account page.]

10. Can you send a screenshot of your iCloud Photo settings? You can find this by opening the “Settings” app on your iPhone, then tapping “iCloud,” and then “Photos.” (Note: These are settings for your device, not the Dropbox app.)
11. Can you also send a screenshot of the Dropbox permissions settings? You can find this by opening the “Settings” app on your iPhone, and then tapping “Dropbox.” (Note: These are settings for your device, not the Dropbox app.)

Some additional notes on this:

  • If this issue is only happening with videos (not photos), check that you have video uploads enabled in the camera uploads settings on the Dropbox app.
  • If you can’t upload, try turning off your data and just uploading with Wi-Fi. If that doesn’t work, try uploading with both data and WiFi turned on.
  • If you can’t upload, check that your device has enough battery life (or plug it in to charge) before uploading. 

Let me know what you find and we'll take it from there!


Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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uploading videos from iphone 7
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